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LaMarr Taylor

“I was thoroughly impressed with Home Inspection Geeks. Tim was very responsive and cordial throughout the entire process. I would use Home Inspection Geeks again, and I highly recommend Tim and his team.”

Aaron V.

“Tim and Anton were both very professional and thorough with my recent home inspection. The inspection report was easy to read and full of photos and video explaining any issues that were found in the house. They have both been available and quick to answer questions. I would be happy to recommend this company to others.”

Hilda Rodriguez

“Tim was great! I would definitely recommend and use his services again. The inspection was very thorough and his inspection report was done in less than a day.”

Michele Torres

“I came across Home Inspection Geeks through Google search. I call them not knowing anything about them. Tim answered my call even got me a home inspection within 24 hours of my call. Met with Anton the very next day who was gracious enough to walk me through the home inspection.”

Chicago Home Inspections

Servicing Cook, Lake, and DuPage Counties

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Home Inspection Geeks Inc. was started by a Professional Engineer and Certified Home Inspector in Chicago, Illinois.  We believe that everyone deserves a safe and properly functioning home to live in and are committed to making the home inspection process better for our clients!  All of our Inspectors are all licensed in Illinios and Certified by InterNACHI.  We bring the best tools to each job (large ladder or drone, moisture meter, gas detector, and many more) to ensure we can find more hidden defects than your typical inspector.  Lastly, we offer some of the best gaurantees in the Industry.  Check out the video below for more information on our Buy Back Gaurantee.  Choose Home Inspection Geeks Inc. today to get the full story about your Chicago, IL home.  Call now us at 773-242-9358 for your Free Estimate!!!

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If you need a house inspected that is located within Cook, Lake, or Dupage Counties, you can count on Home Inspection Geeks Inc. to help you find any flaws in your home. Choose Home Inspection Geeks today to get the full story about your Chicago, IL home.

Why Do You Need This Service?


Home inspection chicago il is necessary for many reasons, especially for Chinese drywall, which has significantly reduced the resale value of many buildings. An inspection report or construction analysis report allows the buyer to have peace of mind and the seller is in a better position.


A certified home inspector chicago il can also help you avoid post-sale problems, such as misrepresentation and contract infringement by buyers. On the other hand, for a buyer, a well-done house inspection chicago il can reveal the exact situation in which it is located.

New Construction

Remember, most often for new construction, many buyers and sellers require to have new home inspections chicago il done professionally to save a few hundred dollars instead of relying on the lender evaluation report or bank.

However, a bank’s valuation report does not replace a construction analysis report made during the house inspection service chicago il. While an appraisal of the house is intended only to discover the value of a building in terms of money that the lender may risk shutting down, a report provides the true aspects of what a buyer buys.


If you are going to sell your home, consider having a property inspector chicago il from a certified professional, so you can take care of small problems before they become headaches after the sale. You can also avoid embarrassing situations or lose potential buyers, who may or may not report problems. Usually, when they report problems, these minor problems can end up serving as negotiating pieces during negotiations.

A professional report offers a buyer a clear indication of the conditions of the home, and the analysis of things that need repair or replacement, things that are in good condition, and the things that would need to be careful to keep them.

Help formulate an offer and negotiate the price of a property. The report of the home is like an education, since it will also obtain positive aspects in a property. You can dispel any concerns you may have about the property and get useful maintenance tips. You know the negative and positive aspects of the property.

Detailed inspections

Home inspection companies chicago il, check for safety issues, major defects and see which items need to be replaced, repaired or maintained. This includes exterior and interior. The exterior includes exterior walls, garage, roof, foundations and leveling, among others. The interior includes heating, ventilation, air conditioning, hot water, plumbing, kitchen appliances, laundry rooms, bathrooms and fire safety, among others.

Quality inspections

Home inspectors near me chicago il has the knowledge to see all types of properties, including condominiums, townhouses and new homes. When the report ends, the results remain confidential. Recommendations are given and estimates of approximate costs are made to repair the deficiencies found. Digital photographs are included. The report is clear and you will get verbal and written versions. The activities are carried out at unbeatable prices and you are assured of having professional and fast services. You will get courteous telephone assistance for one year, if you have any questions or concerns.


That’s why spending a few hundred dollars on a home inspection company chicago il can generally avoid losing thousands of dollars. Remember that in the life cycle of the entire real estate transaction, only the inspector is a person who has no benefit when closing the real estate transaction. And you can rely on a professional house inspection company chicago il to provide objective judgments.